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Smart Paperless Conference
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Smart Paperless Conference Solution

This is a smart paperless conference solution powered by D9001 Intelligent Conference Server. It can be applied to conferences to realize paperless conference along with traditional conference functions such as discussion, monitor, simultaneous interpretation, voting, etc.


Products related:

D9001—Intelligent Conference Server;

D7016—Intelligent Conference Video Recorder;

D8015H—Integrated Conference Terminal (Embedded);

D8115T—Integrated Conference Terminal (Lift Type);

D8111R—Integrated Conference Terminal (Desktop);

D8015R—Integrated Conference Terminal (Dual-display);

D7022E—Dual-display LED Conference Name Board


1. Timed playing specific broadcast to remind and guide students;

2. Can control 1-64 conferences with the host;

3. Can control 1-128 conference terminals with the functions of data transmission and backup;

4. Support 4 video input;

5. D8015H, dual-screen display, with 15.6” HD capacitive touch screen and 7” display on the back;

6. D8111R, desktop integrated conference terminal, ultra-thin design, with touch pen, runs up to 4 hours with built-in battery;

7. D8115T, 15.6” electrical up-and down integrated conference terminal, ultra-thin design, with touch pen;

8. D8015R, dual-display with 15.6” main screen and 7” display on the back;

9. D7022E, one side displays person’s name, position and company name (also shows the handwriting characters), the other side displays contents like conference agenda, call service and notice, etc.