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Conform to IEC 60914 international standard
The conference host can connect to 128 conference Mic, can extend to 4096 conference Mic via extender
8-pin conference cable connection, support cascaded connection
FIFO, NORMAL, VOICE, FREE, APPL? five conference modes
Support simultaneous speakers limit setting of 1/2/3/4/5/6
Support management of Voting and Speech Limit etc.
4.3'' TFT touch screen, friendly graphical interface, easy to use
Support Chinese/English system languages, other languages can be customized
Support VIP Mic setting (up to 30), VIP Mic can speak freely in all the 5 conference modes
Built-in DSP sound processor, support low-cut, frequency-shift and equalizer control
Support conference recording, manually or automatically
With Mic detection function, manually or automatically
Support speech timing function, can set up speech time limit and reminder
Support video tracking, with 6 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out, 6 BNC in and 1 BNC out
With RS232 interface to link with central control system, with RS422 interface to control 6 cameras
8-pin female interfaces: 1 for Interpretation Host, 1 for extender, 3 for conference Mic
RCA interfaces: 2 AUX input, 2 AUX output, 2 Alarm input with override function
XLR interfaces: 2 AUX output to amplification system
+5V Alarm trigger interface: interact with the 2 Alarm RCA input
RJ45 interface: based on TCP/IP protocol, support computer remote control
Support Android pad remote control

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